What Are Trailer Emergencies! How Can You Resolve Them!

This is perhaps the most common trailering emergencyTo explain in simple terms, a trailer emergency is a situation that can be faced by any hauler, be it amateur or professional, in which an accident may seem inevitable. It is a very common phenomena in the industry of auto trailering. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that can be followed in order to resolve different types of trailering emergencies associated with natural calamities, harsh road conditions or mechanical defects.

Given below are some of the most common emergencies, as well as information regarding how they can be averted without allowing any kind of mishap to occur. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Loaded Cars Start To Move Abruptly

This is perhaps the most common trailering emergency, so much that every professional in the industry might have faced at least once in his/her career. When it happens, the best thing to do is pull over the tow truck at a safe spot with decent visibility in order to load the automobiles back.

Wind Buffeting

In case of wind buffeting, it is important to maintain a particular speed until the swaying has decreased, which would allow the trailer to become straight. Braking or forceful steering should be avoided at all costs.

Extreme Swaying

When a trailer starts to sway in the middle of the journey, it has to be accelerated cautiously out of the situation through application of manual override over the electronic brake controller.

Other Problems

Besides the above mentioned, there can be several other issues like a dislocated wheel, a punctured tire, or overheated bearings of the wheel. The most effective solution for all these emergencies is to gradually slow down the entire setup and then pull over to the roadside.

Once the disaster has been prevented, the entire equipment and the tow vehicle should be inspected properly for any kind of damage. If it is an unloading problem, the rear of the trailer must be approached with caution. And if, by chance, a flame or spark is sighted, the driver should run as far away from the towing setup as possible.

In the worst case scenario, such as if a mishap has taken place and insurance claims need to made against personal injury or property destruction, relevant authorities must be contacted immediately. And if an accident has not occurred, it would be prudent to have the trailer and the tow truck thoroughly inspected.


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