Mistakes You Need To Avoid As A Haulier

6 Car Hauler Trailer - Infinity TrailersIf you work as a haulier in Texas or anywhere within USA, you would know how tough and demanding the job is. You always need to be careful for steering clear of problematic situations. Even a single mistake can jeopardise the safety of your towing equipment as well as that of other road users. However, there are quite a handful amateur professionals in the trailering industry who often make mistakes that can put themselves at great risk while on the road. A few of the most common ones have been described below in detail:

Imbalanced Weight Distribution Bars
It does not matter whether someone is driving a 4 car trailer or a 5 car one, as long as the weight distribution bars are in an improper position, there is always the chance of the towing vehicle and the trailer to bounce away from each other. And the resulting bumpy ride can be enough to damage the hitch as well as frame.

Improperly Loaded Cars
Despite of the fact that it is simple common sense to load cars on a trailer properly, make hauliers still make the mistake of placing the cars in an improper manner. As a result, the trailer keeps swaying every now and then throughout the journey, preventing the driver from controlling it properly. In addition to that, there might also be other issues, such as one or more cars sliding off mid-journey.

Tires With Low Pressure
Driving when the pressure of the tires is low, especially the rear ones, can jeopardise the safety of the entire equipment. This is because low pressure tires cause irregular wear & tear, overheating, abrupt blowouts and so on.

Working The Engine Too Hard
While trailering, working the engine of the tow vehicle too much can lead to an array of problems. Not only can it cause meltdown on roadside, but also necessitate early replacement of the transmission. That’s why experts keep telling newbie hauliers to watch the pressure gauges and exhaust gas temperature at the time of driving.

If you wish to avoid dangerous accidents on the road while hauling heavy cars, make sure you strictly avoid committing the above mentioned mistakes at all costs. Also, don’t forget to tell your colleagues about them. Trailering is a risky job by nature, which is why it’s so very important to do everything possible for staying away from situations that can spell trouble.


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