What Is a Car Hauler Trailer


A car hauler trailer, also known as a car carrier trailer, auto transport trailer, car-carrying trailer, etc. is a kind of semi-trailer or a trailer designed for transporting passenger vehicles efficiently via truck.

The car hauler trailers in contemporary times may be enclosed or open. And most of them have built-in ramps for off-loading and loading cars, and power hydraulics, which can raise as well as lower ramps without the use of any other hardware.

The ones that are enclosed have walls similar to a conventional box trailer. They provide the cars a lot more security and protection at the cost of lower capacity when being shipped. Open trailers, on the other hand, exposes the cars to elements but have greater carrying capacity than the enclosed variety.

Open trailers have double-decker designs. Both of their decks are subdivided into several loading as well as storage ramps, which can be tilted & lifted independently of one another using hydraulics. The hydraulics allow ramps to be aligned on the slope so that there is no problem in driving the cars up and securing them to ramp floor with chains, wheel straps or toe-down ratchets. The ramp can even be tilted in any direction for optimizing stacking. Rear half of deck can be tilted and lowered by hydraulic means for loading cars on top deck of these double-decker commercial car hauler trailers. Generally, the top deck is loaded first & off-loaded last. This is because of the presence of cars on the lower deck, which makes it merely impossible for lowering the top deck ramp.

Most of the commercial auto transport trailers are adjoined to the tractor with a fifth wheel coupling and can typically carry 3-9 cars. But the carrying capacity depends a lot on the trailer model and size of the car. The weight capacity is also a factor. The weight capacity is limited by 80,000 lb under US law. So, car carrier trailers cannot carry weight that’s more than this while moving on road.

The commercial car hauler trailers are mainly used for shipping new cars from the manufacturer to the auto dealers. In the United States, shipment of used vehicles is even a big industry. And this service is generally used by people who relocate from one place to the other in the US. These people basically choose to ship their precious cars instead of driving them all the way. People who buy cars on second-hand market, especially online and want it to be delivered at their doorstep also ship their vehicles.

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Source From: infinitytrailerstx.blogspot.in

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